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Pro News Coaches

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Supporting local newsrooms, one story at a time

Our Mission

The headlines don’t make for comfortable reading. By some estimates, two American newspapers are closing down every week. Those news organizations that survive have to do more with less. With fewer reporters and editors, it’s tougher to keep up with the news, much less allocate resources to in-depth features or investigative projects – what local communities really need. And the journalists, however enthusiastic or experienced, find themselves stretched ever thinner. There’s hardly even time to develop a strategy for surviving. We can help. We’re a team of former Wall Street Journal reporters and editors organized as Pro News Coaches, a nonprofit Delaware corporation.

What We Offer

Coaching & Mentoring

We can assist a local news organization's staff on skills from interviewing and finding sources to research, fact-checking, clear writing and telling engaging stories.


Our experienced editors can review drafts of stories for accuracy, clarity and grammar, offering suggestions for cuts, revisions or rewrites. We suggest; you decide.

Project Assistance

We're skilled at planning, reporting, writing and producing complex enterprise stories, the kinds that might require hours of research, reporting and interviewing. Our coaches can work with editors to formulate a project plan, or with reporters to pursue stories according to plan. 


Our pros -- experienced former Wall Street Journal reporters and editors -- can hold workshops for newsroom staff on how to strengthen coverage of existing beats, or brainstorming sessions about what areas of coverage to add to engage a local community.

Get Involved

Fund our work

Tell us what your newsroom needs

Pick up a pen

We have pilot projects under way at a handful of newsrooms around the country. But to formalize what we’re doing and reach more newsrooms, we need funding. Please donate to Pro News Coaches via Local Media Foundation

We are always on the hunt for local news organizations whose needs line up with our skillset. Reach out, using the form below, and one of our team members will get in touch to talk about how we can help your team.

Are you a WSJ alum who'd like to join our roster of pro news coaches available to help local newsrooms pro bono? Get in touch using the form below.


Gina Keating,

Editor, Olney (Texas) Enterprise

"At church this morning, I had more compliments about how much people are enjoying the newspaper -- and having Jonathan’s help is making me enjoy it more."
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